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Loreto: One of the most beautiful places in the world!

It was in 2010 that we opened the door of our business, with no people around, no more business nearby, it was summer, when there was no one, but sure that we were going to succeed because the project caught our attention a lot. “show the whole world one of the most beautiful places on the planet.”

Loreto caught us and filled us with energy to enter this wonderful world of nature tourism. We gradually got to know beautiful things about the place, we had the opportunity to get our credential from nature guides certified by the federal tourism secretary, a course in which we learned many things, which together with the experience has led us to offer guided nature walks.

On this path of tourism and nature we had the opportunity to meet the Whales was one of the best experiences we have ever lived and that we love to share. We are dedicated to studying them and being active members of the whaler group of Loreto, who, together with expert people of peace develop the passive method to make the sighting of blue whales respecting them in their space and distance, letting them be the ones who approach us. On each of our outings goes one of our guides trained to explain and interpret the behavior of blue whales in the sea of courteous and gray in the Pacific.


“We want to show the whole world one of the places

most beautiful on the planet.”

As part of sharing with the loreto community our experience with nature we have done every two years from 2016, photography exhibitions of whales and marine mammals, in the exhibition hall of the municipal palace of Loreto, where we invite students of the different educational levels to meet, through a guided tour , more of nature in Loreto. of all groups of students we learn, but having pre-school children is always an experience that fills our hearts with joy, because with their occurrences and interpretation of photographs they remind us of the innocence of being a child.

Also together with our Dolphin dive center we support to carry out the tryout for people with disabilities, transporting and hosting to bring the instructors who support us in such noble activity. Being able to offer our customers and friends activities both in the mountains and in the sea, always fills us with energy to see their faces of amazement at the beauties that surround us.

It has been a great experience to have the opportunity to live in Loreto and have as noble work as tourism.


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