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Marine Park

Just off the coast of Loreto there are five desert islands waiting to be explored. Among the most popular are Coronados Island, which is part of the largest marine nature reserve in Mexico.

The Loreto Marine National Park was officially created in 1996 and stretches for more than 61 km (38 miles) along the coast, and 35 km (21 miles) of coastline.

Large fishing boats are prohibited in this region, allowing local fishermen to survive by selling the products they obtain from the sea.

Coronados Island itself is small, covered by volcanic cacti, white sand beaches with crystal clear waters and a very nearby rocky islet, crossing its eight kilometers (5 miles) takes about 20 minutes by “panga”, once you arrive On the shore, you can enjoy a wide area in which both hiking and beach activities are practiced. The pale blue water that laps the ivory-colored sand offers an exceptional opportunity to dive or snorkel.

The complex of islands in the national park includes Isla Del Carmen; which is a reserve of the bighorn sheep and natural saline, Danzantes Island, Montserrat Island, Santa Catalina and of course Coronados Island, as well as caves, lakes and other crystalline waters that surround it.

These 5 islands create a protective refuge for marine life, among the most common sightings that you can enjoy are flying fish, dolphins, sea lions, giant manta ray – flying, blue and gray whale, killer whale, whale shark and much more. Once under water, you can enjoy a wonderful variety of colorful fish and other marine species that transport you to another spectacular world.