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This is how the Loreto Yoga Festival 2019 was!

The last June 21 and 22, 2019, the summer solstice showed inclination of the north-south axis of the earth is 23.4 degrees towards the Sun. The First Loreto Yoga Festival 2019 was host at the Loreto Bay facilities hotel.

With 108 greetings to the sun, meditation, nutrition in body and soul, Ashtanga workshop, Ayurveda talk, and relaxation activities for the stress generated, we began the 1st day of the Loreto Yoga Festival 2019! SUP Yoga, mandalas, yoga kids, wellness talks, and a beautiful culmination of the Festival through guided musical meditation gave all participants the skills and tools to continue their healthy and relaxing lifestyle during this season.

Don’t miss out on participating in our next Loreto Yoga Festival 2020!

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