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Loreto City tour

Enjoying the city of Loreto in all its splendor is a delight of many, walking through its colonial streets, taking a tour of the square in its different hours of the day allows the tourist to find a wonderful background of gastronomic and shopping opportunities. The city of Loreto has a historic tour to learn a little more about this beautiful California mission.

This walking tour of the city takes place from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, which coincide in the opening hours of the Museum Las Misiones and the Misión de Loreto Conchó.

The tour takes 1 hour and its route is as follows:

It begins from the Malecón and Salvatierra street, where is the plaque commemorating the designation of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, there is a bit of the history of the Marine Park, its five islands and biodiversity of flora and fauna, as we walk on the walker Salvatierra we talk about the Boleran era and the founding families in Loreto Mexico. once we are in the plaza of the center we share the twinnings with other cities, the gastronomy and restaurants of Loreto, civic events and commemorative dates.

Later we entered the Kumutu hall of the Municipal Palace and talked more about the history of Loreto and California using Alex Curiel’s mural, Radix Hominem, as a tool of historical representation, as we leave the compound we talked about the royal path as we advance to the temple of the Mission of Our Lady of Loreto Conchó and the museum Las Misiones, we take a guided tour inside the church and culminate in the museum of sacred art.

This tour can be extended at the customer’s choice and/or from the guide to the stone house or the woodworking workshop.


The cost per person is 15 USD for foreigners, $150.00 MX pesos for nationals and free for teachers or groups of students. The capacity allowed at the moment are groups of 6 members. We recommend that you take this tour on the first day of your visit to our beautiful Loreto as a welcome and that it allows you to better orient yourself for the next few days of your stay.


For more information please contact loretocitytour@loretobcstourism.com