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The origin of the kayak dates back to the Aleutian settlers, the settlers of northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Siberia, etc., for about 3000 years, being one of the oldest boats of man. It is said that the word kayak means “man-boat” and some other historians describe it as “clothing to walk on the water”, whatever its meaning, the more tailored the kayak, the more comfortable it will be to use.

The art of kayaking is one of the most relaxing and surprising sports that you can practice almost all year round in the waters of Loreto. By relaxing, I mean that there is nothing more calming than you and nature hand in hand.

The surprising thing, on the contrary; is that hundreds of stingrays or dolphins cross below you, that suddenly you see a whale shark near your kayak, or you hear a blow from a blue whale or fin in front of you.

Your experience as a rower will mark the rhythm of your adventure, but all levels have a place in this bay, there is something for all tastes and different experiences. It is important that you take into account the safety rules that the experts tell you, in addition to choosing the right boat for your experience, or requesting an introductory kayak class.

Loreto has very professional tour operators, who can help you prepare your trip, whether it be a few hours off the coast of Loreto, or visiting the beaches of Coronados or Danzante for a few hours, you can choose to row from a board, a kayak open, or learn in a sea kayak or make it more fun with your companions in double kayaks, the decision is yours.