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Sport Fishing

The Bahía de Loreto National Park provides us with a great diversity of natural resources that are used by the inhabitants of the different localities that border it. For example, carrying out different types of fishing, in accordance with current fishing legislation and is divided into: commercial, development, self-consumption and sports.

Fishing is an activity that passes from generation to generation, therefore its importance is not only economic, but because it is a millenary tradition, which gives authenticity and roots to the inhabitants of these localities. Although this is a dangerous activity due to inclement weather and the lack of equipment, it is considered an activity that is carried out for pleasure and generates a coexistence among the whole family that performs it, since parents must transmit the knowledge of all their fishing gear and behavior of the different fishing resources, to be able to take advantage of them in a sustainable way commercially or recreationally.

Loreto as a destination, began its tourist development due to this activity; sport fishing, which is carried out for leisure or recreation. It has fishing gear established by fishing legislation, and its main characteristic is that it does not seek a massive catch of fish, but rather focuses on some species in particular. One of the main objectives of the people dedicated to this activity is to extract a specimen with a great size and weight.

Loreto, Baja California Sur; As well as other destinations in Mexico, you have regulations that regulate this activity, so you need to have a fishing license. We recommend that you visit the following link https://www.sportfishingbcs.gob.mx/es/ to obtain more information and to be able to buy your license.